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GIMME PIZZA! (Olsen Twins music video parody)

A heartfelt tribute to the highly respected classic music video Gimme Pizza by the Olsen Twins.
Tags: novelty silly Olsen children singing sing show funny hilarious random Gimme music guy songs sketch comedy stand men video weird
Kategorie: Parodien Datum: 23.04.2012 Own-Content
Autor: william129 Typ: video Klicks: 5361 Schwein

Old Spice for Old Men

Smell like the man you'll be 50 years from now.
Tags: spokesman ad prank sexy taleshmech silly comedy tv television parody spokesperson sketch restaurant commercial crazy spoof
Kategorie: Parodien Datum: 21.07.2010 Own-Content
Autor: mediocrefilms Typ: flash Klicks: 4629 Schwein


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